Twitter Analysis – Part 5: My thoughts about the project

It’s been a longish journey, it may not seem that way since the dates for the blog posts in this series are in May but if you see the date of this post, then it’s been a long time. The reason for this was because I was while I had finished everything back then, bloggingContinue reading “Twitter Analysis – Part 5: My thoughts about the project”

Twitter Analysis – Part 4: Creating the Word Cloud

Now that I had obtained the dataset which I wanted. I processed the data by finding the most common words in the dataset and then writing them to a CSV file. I had to do some research when it came to writing data in a CSV file but other than that no issues came up.Continue reading “Twitter Analysis – Part 4: Creating the Word Cloud”

Twitter Analysis – Part 3: Scraping tweets and a minor detour

Finally! The time came to scrape the tweets for UFC 197. Everything was set up from the script to the virtual machine. The schedule for the event was as follows:   23:30 BST – UFC Fight Pass Prelims 01:00 BST – Prelims 03:00 BST – Main Card I started the script when the UFC Fight Pass Prelims began and stopped itContinue reading “Twitter Analysis – Part 3: Scraping tweets and a minor detour”

Twitter Analysis – Part 2: Running Tests

Since I had completed Part 1 a week or so before the UFC on Fox event. I decided I would do some mini test runs. A few sporting events where going on, another UFC event, UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs. dos Santos and the Masters (Golf). The mini-test runs The UFC event was happening whilst I finishedContinue reading “Twitter Analysis – Part 2: Running Tests”

Twitter Analysis – Part 1: Getting Started

For my first steps into data analysis I wanted to do some analysis around my interests to make it enjoyable and informative. Since I like a wide variety of sports I decided I would do some analysis on an UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event.  The reason being that these events last for approximately 6 hours dependingContinue reading “Twitter Analysis – Part 1: Getting Started”

First blog post

This site will initially be writing about personal projects I’m working on and if it’s good enough then hopefully it’ll serve as my portfolio as well. I intend to work on projects that will help me gain skills in my desired profession of Data Science. Currently, I’ve literally just started (today) messing around with theContinue reading “First blog post”