Twitter Analysis – Part 2: Running Tests

Since I had completed Part 1 a week or so before the UFC on Fox event. I decided I would do some mini test runs. A few sporting events where going on, another UFC event, UFC Fight Night: Rothwell vs. dos Santos and the Masters (Golf). The mini-test runs The UFC event was happening whilst I finished […]

Twitter Analysis – Part 1: Getting Started

For my first steps into data analysis I wanted to do some analysis around my interests to make it enjoyable and informative. Since I like a wide variety of sports I decided I would do some analysis on an UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) event.  The reason being that these events last for approximately 6 hours depending […]

First blog post

This site will initially be writing about personal projects I’m working on and if it’s good enough then hopefully it’ll serve as my portfolio as well. I intend to work on projects that will help me gain skills in my desired profession of Data Science. Currently, I’ve literally just started (today) messing around with the […]