Charity Tech 2017 Twitter Analysis


What is the Charity Technology Conference?

It’s a conference to show how technology is having an influence on charities of all sizes. Also, to provide some inspiration to adopt these technologies in order to benefit the charity the attendees work for.

The Charity Technology Conference 2017 took place on 9th November 2017.

Why analyse tweets for charity tech?

I randomly came across the hashtag (#charitytech17) while perusing through Twitter. It looked interesting as I’ve had an interest in doing work which has an impact on society. So the charity aspect combined with some previous Twitter analysis was a good opportunity for me to do something potentially of impact.


What is included in the analysis?

  • Total number of tweets scraped
  • Total number of retweets
  • Number of original tweets
  • Top 10 hashtags used
  • Most retweeted tweet
  • Most favourited tweet
  • Top 10 user mentions
  • Tweet timeline

Total number of tweets scraped

601 tweets were scraped (including retweets) with the hashtag, #charitytech17, between the dates 2nd-10th November 2017.

Total number of retweets

397 retweets were captured. Since retweets have a bias on the data for certain analytical measurements. These will be removed from the dataset.

Number of original tweets

Therefore, 204 original tweets will be used to conduct the analysis.

Top 10 hashtags used

Hashtag Count
charitytech17 282
charities 9
blockchain 5
digital 5
bgsummit 5
thursdaythoughts 5
neonicotinoids 4
charity 3
crm 3
gdpr 3

Most retweeted tweet

Name: Mandy Johnson
Twitter Handle: @MsMandyJ
Tweet: Top tips from @DocJaneCollins for #DigitalTransformation

1. Don’t call it transformation
2. Don’t enforce change…

Number of retweets: 48

Since the tweet is long and won’t fully show. I’ll include a screenshot of it. In case the link doesn’t work.

most retweeted tweet screenshot

(Screenshot taken: 26/12/2017, @MsMandyJ)

Most favourited/liked tweet

Same as most retweeted tweet with 53 favourites/likes.

Top 10 user mentions

Name Twitter handle Count
Marie Curie @mariecurieuk 29
Nightstop @DepaulNightstop 22
Civil Society @CivilSocietyUK 21
Dr. Jane Collins @DocJaneCollins 14
Jo Wolfe (Kerr) @msjowolfe 13
Stephen Armstrong @smdarmstrong 13
Ian Williamson @betteriser 10
RoyalTrinityHospice @trinityhospice 9
NicolaHarwood @NicolaHarwood 9
Kay Boycott @kayboycott 8

Tweet timeline

Twitter activity between 2-10 November 2017:

Date Tweets count
2017-11-02 2
2017-11-03 0
2017-11-04 0
2017-11-05 0
2017-11-06 2
2017-11-07 4
2017-11-08 13
2017-11-09 364
2017-11-10 12

8 day twitter activity

Twitter activity on 9 November 2017:

9 nov twitter activity


(Report written on 26/12/2017 – TK)

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