First steps into 3D Printing

I have been meaning to get into 3D printing for a while now. However, I couldn’t think of something useful to create. Until a month or so ago when I thought I’ll build a stand for my Xbox One Power Supply. Let me explain…

Xbox One Power Supply Stand


My desk is relatively small so space is a premium. While there is space for my Xbox One console. The power supply can’t really sit on the desk because if it did. Then I wouldn’t have any space to do typical desk activities. Like typing on my keyboard, writing and etc.

Thankfully, my desk is in front of a window which has a window sill…BINGO!

I can put the power supply on it…great!

Hold on…but whenever there is heavy rain, my window starts to let the rain in. It trickles down onto the window sill. Thankfully (again) it hasn’t overflowed onto the floor. As I have managed to put a towel on the window sill to absorb the existing rainwater and stop any additional water from overflowing.

However, now that I wanted to put my power supply on it. I needed the power supply to sit on something, in case a sudden and heavy downpour occurs. So that’s where the idea for a 3D printed power supply stand popped into my noggin’!

Here is my window sill w/ NO RAIN:


Here is my window sill w/ RAIN (blue area is where the rainwater stands):

Power supply with rain

As you can see this is where the problem is…power supply + water = :/

Initial sketches and design

So I measured the dimensions of the power supply, sketched out those measurements and created an initial idea of what the stand would look like:

3D print sketch - cropped

Making the design in Tinkercad

Then I started creating the 3D model in Tinkercad. As it was designed for beginners like me to create 3D models and it was free to use:

Front view of 3D modelTop side view of 3D model

3D Hubs

One the 3D model was finished I used a service called 3D Hubs which is where anyone can make their 3D printer available for anyone to print their models/designs/parts on. Therefore, making it easier for someone like myself who doesn’t own a 3D printer to 3D print models without having to buy one myself.

Now I just had to wait for the model to arrive and when it did. I was super excited to see something which I created on a computer come into fruition and help solve an issue I was having.

The model IRL

Here are some pictures of the actual 3D model:

Minor mishap

Notice the feet on the bottom of the model have circles in them. Those circles were meant to have a suction cup fitted to them. In case the standing rainwater was high.

suction cup

However, I messed up on the measurement of the oval shape thing on the top of the suction cup and so they didn’t fit. To be honest, I don’t mind that I messed up on this bit as I was more concerned about messing up on the stand itself (which I didn’t thankfully). So a minor slip here isn’t a big of a deal. Besides the feet have some height to them so the chances of rainwater flooding the stand are low. Phew!

The final look

Here is how the 3D model and the power supply sit on my window sill:


Ahhhhhh much better!

The End.

(TK – LDN – 2017)

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