National B&B Day Twitter Analysis


What is National B&B Day?

It’s a celebration of B&Bs, independent hotels, guest houses and etc across Britain. To raise the profile of these establishments and get as many people to stay in them over the weekend of 24-25th March 2018.

Why analyse tweets for National B&B Day?

This is the very first National B&B Day so I thought it would be interesting to see the twitter engagement on a new thing/concept/national day of something.


What is included in the analysis?

  • Total number of tweets scraped
  • Total number of retweets
  • Number of original tweets
  • Top 10 hashtags used
  • Most retweeted tweet
  • Most favourited tweet
  • Top 10 user mentions
  • Tweet timeline
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Interactive tweet map

Total number of tweets scraped

855 tweets were scraped (including retweets) with the hashtag, #bandbday, between the dates 19-28th March 2018.

Total number of retweets

570 retweets were captured. Since retweets have a bias on the data for certain analytical measurements. These will be removed from the dataset.

Number of original tweets

Therefore, 285 original tweets will be used to conduct the analysis.

Top 10 hashtags used

Hashtag Count
bandbday 193
bookdirect 6
bedandbreakfast 5
dogfriendly 4
ferndellbreakfast 4
followers 4
sevenoaks 4
etw18 4
nationalbandbday 4
bandb 3

Most retweeted tweet

Name: STIG
Twitter Handle: @TheStigTaxi
Tweet: It’s gonna be an Amazing ☞ at your Service ☛ .

Link to tweet:

Number of retweets: 24

I’ll include a screenshot of it. In case the link doesn’t work.


(Screenshot taken: 02/04/2018, @TheStigTaxi)

Most favourited/liked tweet

Name: Chantal
Twitter Handle: @agirlvstheworld
Tweet: So it’s National 🎉 🎉 🎉 Good timing, as I kind of bought a B&B yesterday! 😀 It needs some work so it’ll re-open in a few months time. Watch this space for updates!

Link to tweet:

Number of favourites: 63

I’ll include a screenshot of it. In case the link doesn’t work.


(Screenshot taken: 02/04/2018, @agirlvstheworld)

Top 10 user mentions

Name Twitter handle Count
B&B Association @BandBassoc 15
Gyles Brandreth @GylesB1 12
eviivo @eviivo 12
National B&B Day @NationalBBDay 4
Karen Thorne @HoptonHouseBnB 3
No.89 Vegetarian B&B @No89veggieBnB 2
Criton @CritonApps 2
Julian Smith MP @JulianSmithUK 2
Millers64Edin @Millers64Edin 2
27 Brighton B&B @27Brighton 2

Tweet timeline

Tweet count between 19-28th March 2018:

Date Tweets count
2018-03-19  5
2018-03-20  5
2018-03-21  8
2018-03-22  28
2018-03-23  38
2018-03-24  180
2018-03-25  10
2018-03-26  5
2018-03-27  3
2018-03-28  3


Tweet count between 24-25th March 2018:


Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Tweets percentage (%)
Positive 70.2
Neutral 28.1
Negative 1.7

Examples of positive tweets

@Thisisingleton @dalesradiouk @StrayFM Yes #BandBday reached no 8 in Twitter trends on the day. Thanks to all!

Well me and my hubby have just had the most relaxing weekend thanks to for our free 2 night stay for national ! The venue was beautiful, the hosts were so kind and the breakfast was amazing! Would highly recommend! Thankyou so much! We will be back

Then headed off for a delightful stay at . Beautiful decor, soft bed and a brilliant breakfast, exactly what we want to see!

Examples of neutral tweets

it was national at the weekend. provided us with a free night but unfortunately where we chose to stay was just ok not great. The views, food and drink in Portrush made up for that though

On a big shout out to in who use to enhance their . Hear from owner Louise

Where in the UK do you think has the largest number of Bed and Breakfasts? #BandBDay

Examples of negative tweets

MPs are out and about today visiting hard-working and dedicated B&B owners in their constituencies for .

Never stayed in a think they are let us prove you wrong

How B&Bs promoted themselves in the 60s. Lineage ad in annual directory. Hot and cold water a luxury. How times change.

Interactive tweet map

Unfortunately, none of the tweets shared their location so an interactive map couldn’t be created.

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